Campus Ambassador of International Student in Taiwan

If you are interesting in global issues, cultures and education, welcome to be AIEF (American International Educational Foundation) Campus Ambassador.

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是否有想到美國留學? Interesting in study in USA? Yes

預計去美國留學的年度: planning enrollment year of studying in USA:

留學目標: degree goal : 高中職Middle/HighSchool
短期專業進修 Short Term Program

興趣主修: Business and Management
Art and Design
Medicine / Nutrition
Social Sciences
Natural Sciences
Language / Short Term Program
尚未確定 undecided
其他 no/others

想要獲得的留美資訊: 英語教學證書課程 English teaching certificated program
美國暑期工作實習 Summer internship in USA
短期進修暑期遊學 Short-term summer program
留美醫療保險 Student Insurance in USA
申請文件修改 Application and others English documents revise
留美資料書 study in USA text books
美語學習 English Learning
留學選校 guide of selecting school
托福模擬考 simulation of TOEFL
留美輔導 Studying in USA counseling
營隊(Student Camps)
其他 others

期待還能在教育展獲得哪方面訊息?Expecting to get any others information ? 電腦類商品 computers and related products
雜誌書籍 magazines and books
通訊服務 Mobile communication service
學生留學貸款 Student loan
快遞服務 delivery service
旅行支票 travel check
英語課程 English learning program
考試服務 test-taking service
旅遊及票務資訊 travel and ticket service
移民與投資 immigration and investment
營隊 camps and short-term programs
其他 others

從何處得知本次活動訊息?how do you kwon this activities? AIEF 電子報 AIEF e-paper
中文報 Newspapers
ICRT radio
傳單 DM
親友介紹 by friends and family
學校海報 posters from schools
學校網站 announcements from school websites
網站新聞 other news article
其他 others

*是否訂閱AIEF電子報? Register for AIEF E-papers? 是 Yes 否 No

*是否同意美國學校聯絡您? 願意 Yes
不願意 No